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At the Start

When we were approached by EoN Boutique, they were a complete startup, which is always exciting. We were contracted to design their e-commerce jewellery website and graphics, so worked with the EoN to come up with an elegant design that accented their products.

During the Project

We chatted with EoN to get an idea for their reasons of setting up. What we got from the client was that they wanted to offer high quality, chic jewellery at affordable prices. We knew the affordability would come across in the price so we set out making sure the high quality aspect was met. We designed an elegant logo and graphics to compliment, then we worked on a modern website design that set them apart.

At the End

Once the website went live, Emma from EoN began adding products to the site and she found our e-commerce solution very easy to use. Everything from the homepage to individual product pages were flush with the brand we helped carve out.

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