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At the Start

Steph from E-Assistant had an existing website but was unhappy with its design and wanted to make it perfect. She contacted us to see if we could help enhance the current site and we were happy to help. We took a look at what she had done so far and saw a lot of potential in what could be done.

During the Project

First and foremost, we implemented the logo that our graphic designer had created for the brand. Then we changed the colour scheme to match that of the logo – a warm, inviting mint green that offered the sense of professional elegance that E-Assistant offers. We then completed a host of other design changes, along with some development work behind the scenes.

At the End

We put the site live with the changes in place and E-Assistant were delighted with the results – as were we. Working with a seed of a design is fun and the end result is a website that perfectly captures the image of the brand.

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